Counselling for Teenagers

Counselling for Teenagers

Whilst the teenage years can be fun, exciting and full of potential, they can also hold a number of challenges and stressors for our young people.

Being a teenager is a time of curiosity, discovery, growth and change. It’s a time when the young person is contemplating their options around study and future direction, exploring sexuality and relationships and questioning family views, norms and expectations. Sometimes this results in confusion and stress, not only for the young person but also for parents and other family members.

As teenagers navigate this stage of development, they are finding their way forward, trying new things, turning away from some old things and working out what they think, feel and want. It can sometimes look like they have one foot in adult-hood and the other foot in adolescence. Indeed, this is often how it is for the young person, sometimes wanting the nurture and support of family and other times seeking independence.

A safe and caring space.

Counselling for teenagers provides a safe and caring space where teenagers can explore their concerns, challenges and options.

As a counsellor who hasn’t lost touch with her own inner teenager, Lindy is able to provide a compassionate, understanding and supportive space where the young person can freely express their concerns and emotions, process their experience and explore their options. As a mother herself, Lindy is able to provide counselling for teenagers in a way that is mindful and respectful of the broader family and promotes understanding and connection.

Counselling for teenagers is supportive of both the young person and the family as they navigate this time.

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