Personal Counselling

Counselling for people with a disability

Lindy is committed to supporting people in their own healing and personal growth. Personal counselling promotes the development of emotional intelligence and skills that are life changing, with a resonating influence for the rest of the person’s life. She supports clients in developing awareness around automatic responses and patterns of behaviour which in turn empowers them to relieve distress and bring about the changes and growth they wish to see.

Lindy understands the difficulties of living with a chronic disability having lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over thirty five years . Lindy navigates the challenges and celebrates the wins with her clients who are newly diagnosed or have lived with their condition for some time. Life changing as a diagnosis can be, Lindy supports her clients to understand and adapt to their condition and assists them to live a fulfilled and meaningful life – a life that they want to live.

Lindy provides personal counselling for individuals facing a range of issues, including:

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